The Process

I am your partner walking you through the process step by step

My Promise to You

As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to get the most for your money at the highest quality.  Each new project is an exciting adventure to bring my expertise to your vision.  I want for you to feel that we accomplished something together that makes your business better.  I promise to work my hardest to give you the best results and a commitment to help you gain some knowledge of the process along the way.

The most important thing I want my potential clients and clients to understand is that their website is an extension of their business and no matter how great I can make the initial version of their website it is very important that they make a commitment to nurture their website by providing fresh content perhaps in the form of a blog or new images of projects they have done as part of the business. This keeps your business relevant to the internet.  It is my job to teach you that because a website it only as great as the commitment to maintain it.


Creating or updating a website can be a daunting process, where do you start? Brighten Your View takes the approach that we are your partner walking you through the process step by step giving you our expertise to help you make the right decisions for your web presence. The Process Starts with a Free No Obligation Consultation to discuss your needs and learn about your business goals.


Based on our initial meeting an investigation is conducted on the best way to approach your business goals for the website and create a proposal that outlines the approach for you. After we meet and go over what you are looking for a proposal is created outlining the details of our recommendations and how it would be implemented.

Design and Development

A mock-up of the design of your website home page and an internal page is created for your approval. You provide feedback and changes are implemented to the design based on your feedback. Development Once the design is approved a development environment is created and hosted by Brighten Your View. As the client you will be able to review the site and approve it for launch from the development area to your website hosting environment.

Quality Assurance

The site is tested in every aspect of the implementation to make sure everything is working according to the design from the links included on the pages to any information that may be gathered from visitors to your website and browser compatibility.

Product Release

Your Website is then Released to the Live Environment to Light Up The Web.

Documentation and Training

Formal Training and Documentation is provided for companies that choose to maintain their website on their own.

About Me
Beth Bucciferro, Owner

I realized computers were my future when I was in 8th grade and my parents gave my sister and I a TRS-80 Computer for Christmas. I was fascinated by programming it. I pursued a degree in Information Management Systems and went on to receive my Master's in Computer Science. I didn't just want to be the person under the hood creating the magic. I wanted to understand the process from the beginning of the cycle all the way to the end when the client works with the finished product. I feel it is important to be able to understand technically how everything works and to explain things to the client in language that makes sense and empowers them to manage their website after the work is complete.